My Formal Logic exam today…

Today I took Exam 3 in my Formal Logic class. This exam was an hour and 15 minutes long… and only convered 3 chapters of our textbook The Logic Book.

It was definitely one of the more difficult exams I’ve had to take for a while.

The part that I had to laugh at, was our professor had included 2 bonus questions.

  1. In the multiple choice, find the 5 cheat codes that were part of two 90s first person shooters. What were the 2 names of the francises?
  2. Of the cheat codes, what did they do?

I wish I could remember some of the possible cheat code choices… but that was one of the most bizare questions I’ve ever had on an exam.

Anyway… as far as the exams went, I did fairly well. 🙂 We will see how the course turns out in the end.